Frequently asked questions

Yes, we will send a complete catalogue of our products by mail, if you need technical data sheets we can send them by fax or E-mail.

Yes, compatibly with the other engagements of the person (or persons) who will make the visit.

Of course, we have contracts with Italian forwarding agents who offer special rates.

AISI 304 for drains and channels, AISI 316 for spray heads and floats. We also make special drains and channels in AISI 316.

Let us check what is available. We have a large stock with various types of products ready for delivery. Our objective is to supply our customers as quickly as possible.

Yes, you can send your drawings to one of the following addresses: –
Please note that we require DXF format.

No, we manufacture and sell our products directly.

Certainly, an experienced layer will handle the job easily.

No gaskets are used in the channels; silicone for flange coupling will provide the ideal seal as it adapts to the inner shape of the drainage channel without obstructing water discharge and without the protuberance created by overtightened gaskets.

It depends on how heavy the vehicles are. We produce drain covers for every kind of need and load.

Per linear meter, and they are made on request and according to customer needs.

Normally it is included, in some models it is an accessory.

It depends on how heavy the vehicles that pass through are. However we produce “rosette” for every need with different capacities.

Yes, we do, they are shown in the catalogue.

Thickness varies from10/10 to 15mm. depending on the product and the position where it is measured, we suggest you look at the technical data sheet.

Yes, we do make special products, either individually or in large quantities.

Yes, all the raw materials (sheet metal, pipes, round bars…) are purchased with test certificate: TEST CERTIFICATE DIN 50049 (EN10204) 3.1.B

No, at present we only produce fixed heads. Rotary heads are currently in the development phase.

We have divs with data for tests up to 3.5 bar. Data have been produced in accordance with the provisions of regulation UNI EN ISO 8316.


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