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Lasting time corrosion-resistant floor coverings are absolutely required in the food industry: they must in fact ensure the best hygienic conditions combined with a great ease of cleaning.

A modern company, with long standing experience in the production of

Trapped drains, Drainage channels with gratings, Slot channels, , Spray balls and Floats, in stainless steel.

Caggiati wide range of products is the result of the expertise and technology developed in over 50 years of work aimed at satisfying the demands of our customers.
High quality standard of our products has earned the trust of Italian and international companies

Drainage Systems: Drain Gutters in stainless steel

Caggiati fissure and grille drain gutters in stainless steel are used to collect water and evacuate it directly in an odorless siphoned drain, possibly accompanied by a basket for deposits recovery…

fissure drain gutter in stainless steel

Over 50 types of Stainless steel drain trap covers

Caggiati stainless steel drain trap covers do not oxidize, do not rust, and facilitate the cleaning of the premises in all sectors of food, chemical, pharmaceutical industry…

Chiusini Sifonati Inox parma

Ballcocks and Sprayballs

Caggiati Ballcocks and Sprayballs are used in the food industry and in particular in preserves, milk, wine, soft drinks and mineral waters, chemical and pharmaceutical industries…

galleggianti di qualità

Spare Parts and Accessories

Caggiati products are equipped by complementary accessories and spare parts, in order to ensure a perfect functionality over the time: pipe unions, removable baskets, supports and suckers. Discover the whole range…

ricambi e accessori chiusini sifonati parma

Create your Drainage System

Do you need to design your own drain gutters system for anticorrosive floors and request a custom quote? Do you want to know which products are compatible with each other and explore the potential of Caggiati Maurizio system?

Are you a Designer?

You can contact us to request data sheets and files in 3D format. We’ll be happy to meet your requests and help you design with us the perfect drainage system for every type of need.

Are you a Layer?

Read our istructions for laying and maintenance of our stainless steel products, in order to obtain performing results and to preserve over time our drainage systems perfect functionality.


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